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Gather 'Round The Good Stuff [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hayley Fever

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(no subject) [Jan. 29th, 2009|07:49 pm]
Hayley Fever
still alive
at my other journal
where I make random posts about secret stuff
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(no subject) [Jun. 11th, 2007|09:08 am]
Hayley Fever

Just incase you were wondering smern, Im still here :)

I have to update in here every so often so no one gets the bright idea that this journal has been abandoned and I dont lose all of my memories.
check out my new(er) journal:


Friend request me cause its friends only.

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Gosh Darn it [Jul. 3rd, 2002|01:21 pm]
Hayley Fever
So he never got on courtney! I will chek next time IN online have no fear!

Im gonna go walk Maggie my dog.
and do some summer reading cause im not gonan get it done any over this weekend
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Yay!!! [Jul. 2nd, 2002|05:03 pm]
Hayley Fever
The RMB's back the RMB's back!!!!!

::Throws a party::

So quess what..I got a job at Tropical smoothie! I start tomorrow! 5-8 pm.. Im so pumped!

And I watched the MOvie Bandits today..kinda dumb

Well thats all my exciting stuff for today..I need to go do some summer reading..hehe when do i nOT!
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Mr. Deeds [Jun. 28th, 2002|11:15 pm]
Hayley Fever
It was a really cute movie. I went with Caroline and Marni. Want details? okay...

I took Marni and Caroline in my car, and we got there an hour before it started. Caroline decided to speak with a british accent all night. and it wasnt a good one, but anyway, when she bought her ticket, i was buying mine next to her, and i heard her with this brit. accent, and the lady at the ticket window for her was all friendly, telling her she might wanna get there early cause the movie was gonna sell out and she might want good seats.

My window lady didnt tell ME that.

So we went and got Subway and ate with some other leon kids..Jennifer tucker, Paden woodruff--wholl be next years sb president who i DIDNT vote for. and 2 other girls who i didnt know but they did.

So we went back to the theater to see the move 35 min. before hand since the ticket lady told caroline too and the line leading in to the theature was PACKED

so it was leading to the HUGE theature so we went up stairs through the back interance and some manager guy was up there talking to someone, we almost got by him but he made us turn aorund and go back down stairs.

We still got good seets.

So then caroline went and got us pop corn and since she was "british" she got 50 cents off.

THe showed previews for Blue Crush which I really wanna see

ANdd Swimfan85. with jesse bradford and Shiri Appleby which I REALLY Wanna see.but from the previews, shiri's character might die.

The movie was really cute.. not Adam Sandlers BEST, but funny.

there was one part where deeds walks into this big room and hes testing the ECho and he has all the staff in the room to test it, and this old OLD guy tests it and goes. "BOOOOOBS" and it echoed..it was great!

some kid i went to middle school with just imed me and asked if im a virgin..strange

oh and in the movie, the delivery guy from Big Daddy was in it. not only the actor, his character was in it like twice!

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hehehe Eva [Jun. 28th, 2002|03:23 pm]
Hayley Fever
this is what you get for leaving..Dont worry its all okay, Im being cool. Just ope he doesnt ask yu about me before you find out ive been talking to him

oh crappy is eva 14 or 15?? Im confused..oh well it shouldnt matter on this

Here..its kinda long...

Haylien: Hey You know Eva?
Jslipknot09: yeah
Haylien: This is her cousin from florida
Jslipknot09: cool
Jslipknot09: hey
Jslipknot09: this is joel
Haylien: im hayley
Jslipknot09: hi hayley
Jslipknot09: lol
Jslipknot09: whats up?
Haylien: her mom (my aunt \)called my mom and told us evas having fun in europe
Haylien: nothing much joel
Jslipknot09: yeah she called me and told me about it too
Jslipknot09: lol
Jslipknot09: is it really hot in florda right now?
Jslipknot09: it is like a toster here
Jslipknot09: lol
Jslipknot09: brb
Haylien: oh yea its hot and humid and nasty it s rained everyday this week
Haylien: ok
Haylien: I dont really know what a toster is like, but if i was guessign Id say its like and oven here
Auto response from Jslipknot09: hey im doing what i do best....eating! lol well anyway seeya or talk to you later
Jslipknot09: back
Haylien: good
Jslipknot09: haha i spell really bad
Haylien: as do i
Jslipknot09: toaster
Haylien: yeah but i dont know what a toaster is like either.. like living in one
Jslipknot09: hahhaha
Haylien: so you go to school with Eva?
Jslipknot09: i kinda know.....not saying that it was a good expeiriance
Jslipknot09: yup
Haylien: man youve been in a toaster??
Jslipknot09: a big one
Jslipknot09: not good experiance
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: ive been in a big freezer
Haylien: it was REALLY cold
Jslipknot09: haha
Jslipknot09: i jumped into ours and yeah it was REALLY cold
Jslipknot09: lol
Jslipknot09: but it was hot outside
Haylien: as long as you had good reason
Haylien: so is your summer as boring as mine?
Jslipknot09: lol probley
Jslipknot09: haha all i do is sit here and listen to cds and eat
Jslipknot09: or go to andys and do absolutly notthing
Jslipknot09: lol
Jslipknot09: hows yours?
Haylien: sounds about like my summer excpet you traide andy for my friend tricia
Haylien: that and put off summer reading
Jslipknot09: lol i cant read that good
Haylien: do yall have summer reading?
Jslipknot09: lol this will sound sad but my brother is 4 years younger than me and at level or above me
Haylien: thats okay my cousin whos 8 can spell better than me
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: what grade you going into 10th?
Jslipknot09: my brother taught me words
Jslipknot09: yup
Haylien: cool
Jslipknot09: you?
Haylien: 11th
Haylien: im almost 1 year older than eva
Jslipknot09: whens your birth day?
Haylien: november 23
Jslipknot09: uumm it think your a wait.....are you a year from me?
Haylien: hers is either the 2nd or the 3rd i can never remember
Jslipknot09: june 30th

Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: june 30th well you be 16?
Jslipknot09: 15
Jslipknot09: i messed something up i think
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: oh wow yur a young! haha im like 1 and half years older
Jslipknot09: lol
Jslipknot09: dammit
Jslipknot09: haha
Haylien: wait a sec.. maybe im wrong.. eva might me 2 years younger
Jslipknot09: haha
Jslipknot09: lol dont worry i get confused a lot too
Haylien: oh well shes younger than me i know that, and i dont remember her being born so i was really young so something like that
Haylien: lol good
Jslipknot09: hahhahaha
Jslipknot09: i cant even remember what i had for breakfest yesterday
Haylien: hm....me either
Haylien: lol
Jslipknot09: haha
Haylien: i think it was bagel but that might have been this morning...
Haylien: i dont even know what day of the week it is during the summer lol
Jslipknot09: haha i cant even remember what i just ate like 2 mins ago
Jslipknot09: hahaha me either
Jslipknot09: wait......
Jslipknot09: burrito
Jslipknot09: thats what i just ate
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: hahaha
Haylien: so what do you do with yur time Joel? tell me more bout you lol
Jslipknot09: lol ij
Jslipknot09: ok**

Jslipknot09: lets see
Jslipknot09: i listen to music, sometimes go skateboard (but im not that good) eat! i eat a lot (and still look the same) i........
Jslipknot09: um...
Jslipknot09: go to the store
Haylien: cool i wish i could eat alot and look the same, haah i have to work it off
Haylien: i wanna learn to skateboard
Jslipknot09: mow lawns for money, have a trampoline in which i am on a lot
Jslipknot09: lol i am not that good at it
Haylien: i SO want a trampoline
Jslipknot09: lol my cousin hates me for it, she always eats just a little bit and says she needs to lose weight i eat 7 tacos in one sitting and get notting but a satisfyed stomach
Jslipknot09: lol
Jslipknot09: they are fun
Haylien: i play golf, and swim like competitively, and im a cheerleader lol and eat and excercise it off, and sit on the computer
Haylien: and search for a job cause my mom wants me to work but im to lazy to actually find one
Jslipknot09: all i can really do on a skateboard is ollie, heelflip(FINALLY!!) and easy stuff, powerslid and stuff like that
Jslipknot09: hahhaa
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: thats more than i can, i would probably like killmyself if i tried
Jslipknot09: my dad got me all these lawns
Jslipknot09: hahaha
Haylien: thats cool
Jslipknot09: at age 6 i had 5 tacos down
Jslipknot09: hahaha
Haylien: haha I could eat half a pizza in like 2nd grade
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: and i wouldnt gain weight, now i would tho
Jslipknot09: i cant even do that now
Jslipknot09: hahaha
Jslipknot09: i cant eat that much pizza......4 slices does it
Jslipknot09: at the max
Haylien: yeah 3 or 4 now and i stop cause i know i shouldnt eat that much fattening stuff but i could 6 at least if i wanted...lol its kinda sickening
Jslipknot09: hahaha
Jslipknot09: its weird i cant do that with pizza
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: haha
Jslipknot09: mexican is my favorite
Jslipknot09: i think
Jslipknot09: you might find this sickaning but i eat jalopenios right form the jar
Jslipknot09: i can eat a whole jar of them
Haylien: oh i do, thats pretty nasty i wont eat them at all
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: lol a guy i dated used to eat honey on his pizza tho
Jslipknot09: i have only taken 12 at once at the most
Haylien: and i dip popcorn in orange juice..thats good
Jslipknot09: honey??
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: jalapenos tho, i cant do lol
Haylien: oh yea honey
Jslipknot09: hmmm i should try that
Jslipknot09: lol the popcorn one
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: oh its good, you should
Jslipknot09: were out of popcorn right now though
Jslipknot09: kinda sucks
Haylien: yea me too i really want some
Jslipknot09: lol
Jslipknot09: what kinda music do you listen too?
Haylien: well Joel i gotta go, i have to walk my dog. its nice talking to you and if eva calls you before she calls me tell her hercousin hayley said hey
Jslipknot09: not to be trying in changeing the subject
Haylien: rock, emo, stuff like that
Jslipknot09: cool
Jslipknot09: ok
Haylien: ill talk to ya later
Jslipknot09: seeya
Jslipknot09: or actuly talk to you later
Haylien: lol yea unless i come visit eva

Jslipknot09: lol i was just typeing that
Jslipknot09: hahaha
Haylien: which i probably wont, we hardly ever go up there..
Haylien: haha mind reader
Jslipknot09: ive been down 3 times
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: oh really? where in florida?
Jslipknot09: panama city, orlando and panama city again
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: I go to panama city like once a year, I have family there on my dads side
Jslipknot09: maybe i saw you
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: maybe so..thatd be cool
Jslipknot09: i saw a lot of people
Jslipknot09: lol
Haylien: me too
Haylien: lol
Jslipknot09: haha

and that was it..

I hope if Eva calls him on his birthday and he tells her he talked to me she wont be confused. uh oh..well evas smart shell figure it out.. i hope.
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Evas gonna hate me..or love me.. i dunno [Jun. 28th, 2002|03:20 pm]
Hayley Fever
I was mising Eva so i was looking at her journal and found one with Joels screen name and so I IMed him, and told him Iwas Evas cousin..

bwaahahaha IM such a lier but now we're chattin it up hehehe
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Evas gonna hate me..or love me.. i dunno [Jun. 28th, 2002|03:20 pm]
Hayley Fever
I was mising Eva so i was looking at her journal and found one with Joels screen name and so I IMed him, and told him Iwas Evas cousin..

bwaahahaha IM such a lier but now we're chattin it up hehehe
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Thanks Again Kara! [Jun. 28th, 2002|02:26 pm]
Hayley Fever
[tunes |Dont Say Good Bye_Paula Rubio]

THanks for helping me with my comment links!!!

How do I get them on the bottem of the entry tho?

Im dumb when it comes to Livejournals.

I might switch to another but a ton of the RMBers have LJs.

OH well
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cute pick up lines.. some of these are funny [Jun. 28th, 2002|02:17 pm]
Hayley Fever
(1) I lost my teddy bear. Will you sleep with me?

(2) Excuse me, do you have a Band-Aid because I scraped my knee when I fell for you.

(3) I hope you have a library card because I'm checking you out.

(4) Your tag says Made in USA, but I could have sworn you were made in Heaven.

(5) Hey lady, those are some nice clothes, can I talk you out of them?

(6) How do you like your eggs: poached, scrambled, or fertilized?

(7) Is your dad a terrorist? Cause baby your da bomb!

(8) My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in.

(9) Your parents must be retarded, because you are special.

(10) Want to play Pearl Harbor?....Its a game where I lay
back while You blow the hell out of me.

(11) If you were a burger at McDonald's, I'd call you McBeautiful.

(12) Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past you again?

Haha I think they are great..play pearl harbor one cracks me up.

DId i mention Margaret comes home this weekend, either tomorrow or Sunday, i am SO EXCITED!
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